Extending peace of assets from abroad

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The period of benefiting from the assets of the peacekeepers recognized for natural persons and institutions, which have a company abroad, was extended by 6 months.

In accordance with the Regulation Act No. 7143, the real persons and corporations subject to full liability shall be exempt from income and corporation tax if the profits from the sale of the participation shares of the companies abroad, the participation earnings and the commercial gains are brought to the country. In order to benefit from the exemption, the earnings had to be obtained until 31 October 2018 and had to be brought to the country until 31 December 2018.

These periods have been extended for 6 months. According to this, income and corporation tax exemption will be applied if real persons and corporations that are subject to full liability come to the country until 30th of June 2019 by the income they will obtain until March 31, 2019, due to their companies abroad.

In the Law, the gains from the liquidation of the company abroad assets peace scope to bring Turkey up to the date of December 31, 2018, has been extended for 6 months. Those who bring these earnings to the country until 30 June 2019 will not pay income and corporate tax.

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